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Virus free USB Show

USB Show

A USB program detects hidden files on a USB memory stick. It is extremely useful to rid yourself of the consequence of direct access viruses, also known as a quick-access folder for viruses or hidden viruses that spread through memory rods.

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USB displays discs connected to your computer in search of hidden folders and files, scanning and revealing them immediately. At the same time, you also create a registry where the folders that were found are located.
When you open a USB drive from within Explorer, you will see that all hidden files and folders are now visible. Be careful: You should not delete all files using a USB show.

Just click and wait, it’s so easy.
A USB show is simple: You only need to select a disk that has been scanned and click the only available button. When selected, the scanning disk displays a USB-searched non-visible element and redisplays them.
A USB show is available only in Spanish and English. There is no help feature, and the interface text is short for explanation. But the task that this utility performs is so specific that there is no need to know more.

Useful, but not antivirus
A USB show is a utility included in the antivirus activity, but does not delete the malware hidden in the memory cane. If you suspect that a USB memory wand has infected files, you need reliable antivirus software or certain antivirus software, such as the antivirus or Amir McShield.

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