Virus free SimCity


Classic strategy, symcity again with incredible graphics and new ideas for playing games. As the mayor of your city you can choose how to develop, build residential and industrial areas, and give their residents all they need to help your city.
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The fundamentals of symcity remain the same for the first game 1988. You can build a city from scratch by choosing a site, and then planning in different places when you arrive at a lot of communal and conveniences of the population to be happy and healthy.

When you start the game, you can join other online players in an inhabited area or start a new area yourself. Cities are limited in size, and it works best if you have several cities that collaborate and specialize.
Whether you prefer to play alone or with others, it is a pleasure, but it is clearly designed with more than one multiplayer in mind. You can not play without connecting to EA’s servers and we expect that early reliability problems will be solved, not to play offline is a shame.

The Symcity interface is great. A beautifully designed thing that allows you to do everything, allowing you to enjoy the impressive views of your creation. The details of the Hulk and the details is unbelievable, and it really gives your city the feeling that she is alive.
You can learn the desires and worries of every individual, and draw statistics for almost everything in the development of your city. You can also watch your neighbors see how they can replenie or offer you services.

Graphics and Sound
Graphics cannot be blamed. Symcity looks great and filters you to add to the fact that you can make a game as you like. When you are wibbled, the detail and animation are great, and even each inhabitant has a personality. They are all in one pleasant music and AMBIIC.

Symcity is a great and impressive game. But it’s not like before. This Symmerya has multiplayer games, and you want to dictate how much you like the game.
Global server problem does not last, but also prominent servers do not allow to play the game on your laptop from the Internet.