The Sea Ilfracombe Maritime Festival fully supports Plastic Free Ilfracombe and the North Devon Plastic Free Consortium in their mission is to protect and improve our environment through community-led action to combat plastic pollution.

We aim to achieve this by helping people to recognise the relevance and value of the environment to their lives; to see and experience first-hand the impact of plastic pollution on nature; and to support good choices in purchasing, use and disposal of plastics, as we move to a more sustainable community.

The Sea Ilfracombe Crew are working towards making 2025 the year when we can proudly say that the Sea Ilfracombe Maritime Festival is a fully plastic free event but in the meantime you can help us by:

Separating out your waste into the bins provided

Not bringing single use plastics into the main festival site

Questioning local vendors who are still using single-use plastics

Spreading the word, whether this is locally here in Ilfracombe or from wherever you have travelled from.

By following Plastic Free North Devon on Facebook

By checking out the Plastic Free North Devon Website.