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NBA 2 16 gives us realistic basketball experience year after year. But besides their equipment, next generation graphics and a variety of basketball renown Simulator mode, this year known for something else: a new career mode. That’s what we’ve been waiting for? NBA experience I was looking for (Show () {(‘ app review sites-desktop-‘);});
While other NBA 2 Edition aimed at increasing in graphics and gameplay, 16 2 goes beyond the formulation of the career mode I.
In the past year iterations might start to lose the draft and have to work up to the intake team NBA, but this year 2 Sports has done much to put you in the shoes a student just starting out, be seen by Universities and projects, ready to show and became a legend in NBA.
Now you think you don’t have to play a full year of college basketball under the NCAA TEAM (next May), but at least you get the chance to formulated in four sports with appropriate standards.
2 sports not only wanted some of this looks more professional, but also to follow the player in their daily lives. One surprise, as this careerso directed by Spike Lee, you throw in a series of events that unimaginable.
You start as a poor African American family from the environment with a Twin sister who teaches basketball. You will also find many of their parents, “cinema scenes talking about what is a good boy who they are, not to mention how much you sacrificed. Issues that, if you let the game scan your face or select a different ethnic group, will tend to find strangely enough. You can always use it as a curse genèticaAgitant legs, but can easily lead to discomfort.
in spite ofThis increased, my career is still a good way with new ideas, even if it would have been bagussupaya be able to interact with the characters in the story. But you will not have the opportunity to decide important professional during the story. As a positive thing, also may experience real player cameos offers assistance during your adventure. How do you want to Stephen Curry mentor you?
Although the new career mode is an ideal base for NBA 2 16, you can be sure that 2 games not rest satisfied for another category. You will also find my team, similar to the FIFA ultimate team of 16, but basketball. And of course, you can only play in the match-ups scheduled for fun or experiment with a variety of online mode.
With regard to equipment not only find all the common current NBA team, but also 12 classic team, as the Dallas Mavericks and the Portland Trail Blazers in 2000 2003 as a bonus. Nor is the European basketball fans picking, 25 teams of Euroleague, which we’ve seen in the NBA 2 15.

Was so good again
2 sports NBA 2 and much more has changed in this version there are two new and exciting changes. On the one hand, the power of attack and defense “strong” treated with the same button, making both more intuitive.
On the other hand, if one of the buttons to maintain continues, you will see an icon showing the basketball steps possible and certain player movement (assigned at the touch of a button). That makes it easier for players to see all kinds of games and move forward by helping magnificent.
We will be happy if we don’t use the gràficAspectes NBA 2 16. 2 sports brings again, detailed facial animations and extraordinary supply for players that are more realistic than what we seein sports games. Although we would like to mention that is more pronounced in the Xbox 720 and PS4; This year they dropped the ball slightly with your PC “Port.” Re-emergence musimdaripada NBA
NBA 2 16 other States absolutFor simulation fans basketball as needed. In diversity mode, the realism and ads in the past made an interesting title.

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