Virus free Google Gmail Gadget

Google Gmail Gadget

Google Gmail you are no longer able to use Google Desktop, you are probably familiar with gadgets: tiny applications that you can add to the sidebar of Google desktop to read news headlines, see photo slide show or check Outlook for time, between (function () {(‘ Review-app-page-desktop ‘);}); Now Google has launched a new gadget that allows you to check your Gmail account on your desktop. The Google Gmail Gadget is permanently put on the sidebar and allows you to see all messages in your Inbox, filtered through a label, have access to different areas in your Inbox (messages with stars, rubbish, spam) and running the gadget Tag contains “Dial “The button besides, which allows you to write and send a message in a widget without having to open your Web browser. If only the widget interface is a bit larger, it would be perfect! With Google Gmail gadget, you can always get your Gmail account in sight and manage your emails without having to open Gmail pages at any time.