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Die Hard 1988 KickAss Full Torrent Download

Virus free Die Hard 1988

Die Hard 1988

John Mcmain, an officer of NYPD, is trying to rescue his wife Holly Gennaro and some others who have been held hostage by the German terrorist Hans Gruber during the Christmas party in Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles.

Director: John McTiernan Writers: Roderick Thorp (novel), Fir Stewart (screenplay)

Police NYPD John Mcmain goes on Christmas holiday to visit his wife Holly Los Angeles, where he works for a corporation Nakatomi. While they are at Nakatomi headquarters for a Christmas party, there is a group of robbers headed to Hans Gruber and holding all the hostages, except for John, when they plan to perform a profitable robbery. John is forced to take things in their hands if it is impossible to escape and get a response from the police immediately.

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